Hindu Samhati’s Online Petition to Stop Cow Slaughter

It is perceived, every year, that Bengal government and its administration, surrendering to communal pressure of Islamists, disregard the orders of Supreme Court of India and Calcutta High Court and permit Muslims to go on with slaughtering cows illegally. To call this blatant disobedience a halt in this year, an online petition was launched by Hindu Samhati, signed by 2949 people.

A petition containing five pages and print out of the aforesaid signatures were forwarded to the offices of Hon’ble Governor and Chief Minister of Bengal, SanjayMitra (Chief Secretary) and Basudeb Banerjee (Home Secretary) in advance.

It is to be noted that the petition was signed by people across the globe.

However, the reigning Mamata-led government, pushing all these law-abiding measures aside, made apposite arrangements for Islamists to slaughter cows illegally.

Alas! We, Hindus, are living in a land where democratic procedures, values and spirits are least respected.

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