Muharram Procession Destroys Hindu Deities in Shantipur, Nadia

Hindus Sick of Administration’s Cowardice; Gearing Up To Take On Upcoming Dangers 

Not a single day passes in Bengal these days when Islamists prefer to remain within their territory and steer clear of troubling Hindus; many sociologists term this as simple roguery or mischievousness whilst the real reason is that such malicious behavior acts as the basic (canonical) impetus to Muslims to attain the Final Victory.  

Gopal Putoputitala, an obscure place under the jurisdiction of P.S. Shantipur, District: Nadia remained witness to such a development on November 25, 2012.

Pradip Pal, an artisan engaged in making Hindu deities and highly busy these days owing to upcoming Rash Puja, kept a few deities in his courtyard to harden them in scorching daylight. And since Pradip is occupied in his (this) family business this has been a normal procedure (for him) for decades, if not more. 

At 11 am, a procession observing Muharram passed by his courtyard but after a few moments it was found that 16 deities left in daylight (as a normal practice) were already vandalized. 3 assistants of Pradip were in the next room, busy in their own jobs, but none got even a hint of this act or the perpetrators behind it. However, it was grasped (later on) that a few people from the procession of Islamists entered the said courtyard sneakily and executed the vandalism – the best way to outrage Hindus along with their religious belief.       

Hindu villagers, soon after, concluded (based on circumstantial evidences) that Islamists, dedicated to make a mess of the neighboring Hindu-dominated village of Notunpukur through encouraging illicit distilleries (liquor shops) and gambling dens, were behind the dastardly act. It is to be noted, Hindus have been complaining to local administration to nab these mischief-makers straight away but all those are falling on deaf ears only. 

To bring all these Islamic atrocities on Hindus to an end, Pradip Pal has lodged a formal complaint at P.S. Shantipur (Case No. 825 dated November 26, 2012). 

Hindus apprehend that Pradip’s bold approach will lead to another sinister development only; they are gearing up to take on that eventuality.  


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