Hindu School Girl Raped, Murdered in Basirhat

Hindus attacked, set fire to Muslim culprit’s house before police

Champapukur in Basirhat is standing in stunned silence and utter grief at the moment – dead body of Aditi Bhattacharya (age 12), Hindu school girl of Class Six (in Champapukur Girls’ High School), missing for the last three days, has been found in a nearby pond. Hindus in the vicinity are certain that Azgar Ali Mollah, infamous Muslim culprit involved in women trafficking for years, is solely responsible behind this ghastly crime; his house was attacked and fired.

Police has arrested Azgar Ali Mollah and four members of his family in connection with the murder.

The finding of Aditi’s dead body, on November 9, 2012, led to a fury in the whole of Champapukur in Basirhat and also its vicinity. According to police, the teenage Hindu girl was strangulated and initial investigation suggests that a few persons were involved in the crime. However, Hindus in the area are sure that Aditi was raped first and murdered afterwards. Even if police has refused to comment in this regard, their strange silence and presence of high-ranking police and administrative officials in the village to quell any form of communal clashes strengthens Hindus’ suspicion.

It has come to knowledge, Aditi was missing from last Tuesday; her father, Ganesh Bhattacharya, after searching her hither and thither for hours, lodged a formal complaint in P.S. Basirhat. And on Friday, in the morning, villagers perceived the dead body of Aditi in a small pool of water before the residence of Azgar Ali Mollah. Even if police team from P.S. Basirhat reached the spot soon, Hindus stopped them from seizing the dead body. They had a unanimous demand – unless the Muslim culprit was arrested, police would not take over the Hindu girl’s dead body.

All these led to a series of clashes between Hindus and police.  And before the police team, house of Azgar was attacked and ignited by Hindus.

The situation was brought under control only after Ananda Sarkar, SDPO, reached the spot with a large police contingent and assured Hindus of a thorough and unbiased enquiry.  Aditi’s dead body was taken for post-mortem afterwards.

As per locals, Azgar Ali Mollah has been associated (long) with women trafficking and helping illegal migration of Bangladeshi laborers to India.


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