Hindu temple defiled in Shantipur, Nadia

Shantipur Topkhana Masjid area remains baneful for Hindus

Desecration of holy temples by Islamists has become a common phenomenon across Bengal and with each day its passes, newer places are yielding to this vicious strategy. What can be the situation of areas known for Hindu persecution for ages? Newer strategies are coming to fore to conduct ravages and threaten Hindus in these areas; while a times defilement of temples take place through throngs of Islamists, at other times Islamists, exploiting genetic unconcern of Hindus, simply sneak in the temple and carry out the ravages.

Radha Krishna temple, in the residence of Satish Sarkar, Hindu individual living in village: Rajputpara, P.S. Shantipur, District: Nadia, remains witness to the same.

On November 2, 2012, at 11.30 pm, a few unidentified Islamists entered the aforesaid temple sneakily and left no stone unturned to defile its sanctity. Satish Babu and his family members could comprehend the ravage only after 30 minutes. When the Hindu family got in the shocking reality turned out to be too heavy for them. Four holy deities were not broken only but their heads were chopped off also. What is more, the whole temple was found to be vitiated bearing planned designs of Islamists all in all.

Hindus have registered a complaint to the local police station but its official number is yet to be received. Even if local police has started investigations, their apparent indifference is hurting Hindus.  

It is to be noted that Radha Krishna temple remains in opposite direction of Shantipur Topkhana Masjid, highly contentious for it divisive activities in all these years.

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