Spate of bike assaults, burglaries revealed in Kolkata

Muslim youths behind the scene

Nothing better can corroborate the statement of Parvez Musharraf, ex-President of Pakistan, at the recently held Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2012 in New Delhi – "In India, one feels extremism among Muslim youth may be on the rise", other than the stupendous increase in crime among the Islamic youths in India, especially in the realm of Kolkata, capital of the Indian state of Bengal.

And the crime rate is such that even educated Muslim youths, not to speak of rowdies, are partaking in criminal activities unashamedly. One of them is Mohammed Ajbar alias Ambar (age 19), student of B.Com. (I st year) at Shyamaprasad College in the metropolis of Kolkata.

It has been learnt that this scion of an affluent Muslim family in Mominour started his venture of snatching jewelries (riding motorbikes) from women to support his plushy lifestyle at night clubs along with copious girlfriends. Police has arrested him along with his friend Mohammed Shamser a.k.a. (Sunny) as regards a recent case of snatching and both are having 5 days’ police custody as per orders of Bankshal Court, Kolkata.

Here is an excerpt of the incident – the two Muslim criminals, riding a motorbike, snatched jewelries of Mrs. Sashikala Malasika (age 59) while she was crossing Judges’ Court Road before her residence at 3.30 pm (Saturday) on November 17, 2012. And in spite of initial troubles, loaded with myriad misinformation, police cracked the nexus of two Islamists on Saturday (late night) from Mayurbhanj Road and Mominpur, both under the jurisdiction of P.S. Ekbalpore. The motorbike used fro crime was found as well.

Opening investigations of police have also revealed that these two young Muslim criminals were responsible to carry out last 6 incidents of snatching jewelries (while riding motorbike) in the city. However, police is confident that more such incidents (committed by these two goons) are yet to come to the fore.     


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