Desecration of Holy Deity of Devi Durga kicks off in Bangladesh

It’s the time for Islamists to rejoice; Durga Puja is round the corner in Bangladesh and like other years in the country, reveling the doomed fate of Hindus altogether, the season to desecrate Hindu deities and thus Hindu confidence has kicked off. The first casualties have taken place in the districts of Munshiganj and Narail – a lot of holy deities of Devi Durga were desecrated, heads were also severed in several makeshift temples there on October 10.   

Islamists were simply waiting as the six holy deities at Bottola Mandap at Chhoto Shikarpur in Sirajdikhan were destroyed soon after they were installed. On the word of Keshab Chakraborty, president of Sirajdikhan Battola Puja Committee, "Miscreants broke all the idols immediately after those were installed and the temple was razed to the ground."

When the country is reeling under the heinous attacks (recent) of Islamists on Buddhists and Hindus in Cox’s Bazaar and Chittagong, attacks in Sirajdikhan add salt to the gaping wound only.

It must also be mentioned, police arrested two people for vandalizing four idols of Goddess Durga at Thakurbari temple in Doamallikpur in Lohagara on Monday night. 

Even if Sukumar Ranjan Ghose, local MP, has the conviction that this attack was devised by Islamists who were involved in Cox’s Bazar also, he can’t do anything virtually. Hindus in Bangladesh are devoid of any power and the spate of desecration of deities of Devi Durga during this time (every year) expresses their helplessness best.     


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