Will Hindus in Bangladesh come to an end finally?

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand lines and happens to be most expressive.

What is being done through desecration and destruction of Holy Deities of Devi Durga (when Durga Puja or Duurgotsava – greatest festival of minority Hindu community – is round the corner in Bangladesh) now is not any annual exuberance or enthusiasm of Islamists any longer.

As fresh reports are coming in, it is taking place from all Islamists, cutting across political lines in Bangladesh, to cleanse the country ethnically of Hindus. While some fear that this spate is going to be the worst in the post-1947 period in Bangladesh, others do apprehend that Hindus will not be given time to enter Indian mainland any more even.

Will there be repetition of Noakhali massacre in 1946 or Barisal genocide of Hindus in 1950 once more?

Only time can tell but to call this sordid reality (getting apparent increasingly with each day it passes) a halt the international community must get proactive. 


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