Islamic zealots get involved in underworld

Whether it’s a petty crime or slitting throat or involvement in organized crime or treason, Islamists happen to be the foremost accomplices and also the ringleaders. And this happens to be a global phenomenon. Hence, people who anticipated some Islamic brain behind the recent bomb hoax at Avani Riverside Mall in Howrah making puja shoppers vacate the mall in panic were not wrong – two persons have been arrested regarding the crime and both happen to be Islamists, without doubt.

According to police, they are Rezwan Selim and Shakeel Hossain who have been taken into custody from Kausghat Road near Mandirtala in the metropolis. 

It has come to the knowledge, the two Islamists threatened to blow up the shopping mall if not Rs 10 lakh was given to them at a particular spot on Kausghat Road. By the way, Selim happens to be an ex-employee of Avani Riverside Mall and was suspended from his work while Shakeel happens to be his confederate.

On the next day, a few policemen (in plainclothes) followed officials of the shopping mall to meet Selim and his aides at the specified spot and arrested them. 


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