Fiery Hindus protesting cow slaughter on Eid decry, defy police in Itahar, Dinajpur

Administration makes a shameful retreat

Areas where Islamists’ presence, let alone preponderance, was hardly visible in the earlier decades in Bengal are becoming easy preys to their burgeoning influences these days and village: Rajogram, P.S. Itahar, District: Dinajpur (North) happens to be one of those. But the fiery Hindu protest this year on Bakri Id/Eid ul-Adha has taken Islamists there by storm.

The village has been dominated by Hindus for decades and hence, it could steer clear of the blasphemy of cow slaughtering. However, the situation turned to the contrary this year owing to the insistence of a handful of Islamists (inhabiting the village) to slaughter cow (on October 27, 2012 on account of Bakri Id/Eid ul-Adha) within the village infuriating Hindus all in all.  

When on earth Hindus protested against this ghastly decision, Islamists (supported by Islamists of other neighboring villages) started to warn Hindus leading to a squabble between the two warring groups.

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