Hindu Samhati distributes clothes in Charavidya

Poor Hindus get a religious zeal to enjoy Durga Puja

What is the greatest aspect of Charavidya? It’s none but the undying spirit of Hindu defiance – to keep unfurling the banner of Hinduism in the vicinity and quell each and every ominous design of Islamists to harm Hindus.

Hindu Samhati’s tenet has always been to do best to make all Hindus enjoy Durga Puja or Durgotsav. Thus, to help Hindus in Charavidya to enjoy similarly, Hindu Samhati activists distributed new clothes among the impoverished people in the village.  

How happy they were can be gauged from the following photographs.

Elated and optimistic Hindus in Charavidya, P.S.: Basanti; District: South 24 Parganas can change the course of history.

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