Rezzaq Mollah – the new namazi and Haji of CPIM

There was indeed a time when Communists in Bengal used to flaunt their impiousness in public; even this rebellion was found to entice a considerable section of youth in the state - old-timers can easily recall such an atmosphere that marked both the 1960s and 70s. Much has changed by now and these days, the communist ethos in Bengal runs on at the behest of their Islamist bosses.

Such is the extent of loyalty that leaders in CPIM do not hesitate (any more) to display their religiousness in public; namaz offered by Rezza Mollah alongside Pirjada Toha Siddique on October 10, 2012 displays this mindset altogether.

It has been learnt that the party (CPIM) is in a fix as a result. Rezzaq Sahib is all set to go for Haj to Mecca on October 16, 2012 but this act of his has led to a new and powerful debate in CPIM. A great section of party members have started to ask why pictures of deity of Devi Durga can’t be printed in Ganashakti (party mouthpiece) during the Puja then.

Will the party condone Rezzaq Mollah? Perhaps yes; to be a Muslim in any political party in India, CPIM in particular, is not a crime.     



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