End organized crime to end Islamic terrorism in India

What gives fillip to Islamic fundamentalism (making it more and more vigorous) in India remains an enigma to the general populace – especially to its ignorant sections – but pundits, busy in studying this mounting development, do remain unanimous in one aspect – the unholy nexus between Islamic fundamentalism and organized crime in India remains the nitty-gritty.

And with each day it passes, the coordination between Golden Triangle and Golden Crescent is getting stronger leading to fortification of Islamic hardline policies in the realm of India. The situation, if considered painstakingly, reveals that it is not alarming (simply) any longer but has established a parallel economy by now whose sole aim is to topple the democratic scenario in India and replace it with a rule of Ummah.

Those who, therefore, consider that the surge in Islamists’ influence can be dealt with by beefing up administrative, intelligence and police network across India, are not tricksters only but treasonists also.     

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