Is Rezzaq Mollah an Islamist-Communist?

What do secularists in India say now?

Communists in India have never been any friend to Hindus and none expects them to make any reversal (ever) in this regard. But none did ever think even that CPIM (a Communist party of a great stature) would stoop so low once; its senior party member and political leader is hell-bent to denounce Karl Marx, his political philosophy and the century-old political lineage.    

It’s none but the same Rezzaq Mollah (termed by many as maverick) who was witnessed on October 10, 2012 to perform namaz alongside Pirjada Toha Siddique in public. Now the same Mollah is going to have Haj (fifth pillar of Islam is a pilgrimage during the month of Dhu al-Hijja) in Mecca. And the party, as has been heard, is in a fix!

Fearing the defection of Islamists in Bengal in case the party adopts any strong measures against Rezzaq, CPIM prefers to remain silent even if the same posture castigates its own political philosophy.

Mollah refuses to end here; he has said recently that both Allah and Muhammad are better and greater than Karl Marx.

Hindus, hence, deduce how CPIM remains helpless to Islamists.

From the next time whenever any CPIM leader would dare to make Hindus grasp the concocted saga of “sickularism” in India there would be one retort only – “Shut Up.” 


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