United Hindus resisted Muslim attack in Mandir Bazar

United Hindus resisted Muslim attack in Mandir Bazar

The district of South 24 Parganas in West Bengal is fast moving towards becoming a Muslim district thanks to appeasement policy of political parties and non-functioning of the administration. Islamic hooliganism and barbarism has reached such an extent where local Hindus are passing every single day of their life with the fear of something devastative that will result in total extinction of their existence from the area.

On 22/10/2012, the day of Mahastami of Durga Puja which is the most celebrated festival in Bengal, a Hindu married couple Jayanta Biswas and Kakoli Biswas (name changed) was returning to their village Bazarberia after watching  Durga Pujas in nearby areas at 10:30pm. Jayanta is around 32 years of age while Kakoli is 25. They hired the van rikshaw (local vehicle) of Hiran Chakraborty aged about 40 years. While crossing the area Karbala under Mandir Bazar police station, two Muslim youths, Momin Mistry and Jenali Sheikh, started doing obscene gesture from footpath pointing towards Kakoli. Both Jayanta and Hiran Chakraborty objected to them but that did not stop them from moving side by side of the van rikshaw. After covering some distance, they brought out a knife from a roadside Muslim shop and attacked Kakoli and as Kakoli ducked the attacked, they stabbed the rikshaw puller. At this, Jayanta and Kakoli started shouting for help. Local Hindu youths came to their rescue, two Muslims have been caught on the spot and were beaten  up black & blue. This resulted in rising of tension between two communities and the administration found no option but to deploy RAF in the area to control the situation.    

Next day on 23/10/2012, local Hindu Samhati workers escorted Jayanta & Kakoli along with Hiran Chakraborty to Mandir Bazar police station to lodge the complain. At first, police was quite reluctant to keep any record of the incident but finally under tremendous pressure of united Hindus, they were compelled to note down the complain vide number 1144/12. Later, those two Muslims were arrested and brought before the Magistrate. The Magistrate has awarded them 14 days of police custody. 


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