Holy Deity of Devi Durga demolished in Entally, Central Kolkata

Hindus in Kolkata start paying heavy prices for pro-Islamist policies

The scourge of desecration of holy deity of Devi Durga (natural endeavor of Islamists) has visited Kolkata at last and the incident took place on October 25, 2012 (in the metropolis) in the area of Entally while procession to immerse Mata Durga of Bhratri Sangha of Linton Street (Beniapukur P.S.) was proceeding through C.I.T. Road.

According to witnesses, one the procession reached in front of Padmapukur at about 10 p.m, a few Muslim boys were found to hurl pebbles and stones on both the procession and deity leading to excessive damage to the holy deity of Devi Durga. A few Hindus, walking both within and alongside the procession, were also hurt.  

The incident baffled Hindus for a moment, no doubt; they soon managed the shock and ran after the said Islamists. Even if the majority of troublemakers fled, three culprits sheltered in a traffic police booth and to save them from Hindu wrath, police reached there soon and nabbed three of them. A Muslim culprit, in the meantime, tried to escape from the police custody but he was grasped by Hindus quickly, beaten black and blue and was handed over to police then.

Police, being top-drawer advocator of the government’s policy, before leaving, compelled organizing committee of the Bhratri Sangha to carry away the desecrated holy deity for immersion.         

To quell any further deterioration, curfew was imposed in the night, called of from morning today itself.

However, Hindus in the area are censuring the communally-motivated role of Ajizul Mallick, Officer-in-Charge – P.S. Entally – severely. A deep tension continues to prevail the locality.

Note: The same area witnessed Islamic persecution on cows a few days back.


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