Police hell-bent to crush Hindu Samhati’s strength in Usthi

The situation in Usthi is yet to recover and as expected, Hindu Samhati has become the prime victim of the wrath of administration there. This comes as natural fallout of political and administrative pressures (to appease Islamists) on the police even if the later is well-known of the fact that Hindu Samhati, representing and safeguarding Hindus only, is a law-abiding organization.

Even if Islamists are found to foment at every time, Hindu Samhti, fighting tooth and nail to preserve Hindus, have to bear brunt of the situation. 

Only on October 13, 2012, police did raid residence of Pratap Hazra, senior activist of Hindu Samhati, twice at village: Nainan, P.S. Usthi, District: 24 Paraganas (South). And what is most striking, a large contingent of police including RAF was deployed to carry out the queer job. And when they became unable to find Pratap out, the whole family of Pratap was abused; even some police personnel were found to threaten Pratap’s relations.

It is worthwhile to mention that P.S. Usthi got its new OC a few days back but there has been no respite to step on Hindu Samhati activists.  

What makes the administration so unkindly to Hindus? It has come to knowledge, administration is leaving no stone unturned to stave off any clash in the upcoming Bakri Eid and hence, Hindu activists who can voice Hindu discontents against all Islamic-sponsored these are being hounded and also taken into custodies.

There is a growing apprehension that more slaughtering of cows will take place this year.

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