Islamists attempt to rape Hindu teenage girl in Mathurapur

She is brutally molested, injured

Police torturing Hindus for protesting  

With each passing day, Hindu women in Bengal are becoming easy prey to Islamic lusts; and the latest victim happens to be Latika (name changed), a 12 year old girl, and student of class VI, inhabiting village: Debipur, P.S. Mathurapur, District: 24 Paraganas-South, West Bengal (India), daughter of a Hindu van rickshaw puller and living in residence just behind the Panchayat office at Debipur.

The horrific incident happened today (October 29, 2012) when the innocent Hindu girl – Latika - was coming back to her home following distribution of 'prasad' of Laxmipuja to her neighbors. All of a sudden, before the Panchayat office, 6 Muslim youths pounced on and made every effort to rape her. While experiencing such a brutal attack, the girl both raised an alarm and offered a stiff resistance. However, she was molested brutally.

Hearing Latika’s desperate call, her father rushed to the spot to save her but he was overpowered and thrashed heavily by the Islamists. One of the miscreants happens to be Kaichar of village: Santoshpur (notorious Lalpur area) under the same P.S. Mathurapur.

Hearing the incident lots of Hindus also rushed to the spot later on but by that time Islamists had fled leaving both daughter and father heavily injured.

What came to the fore later on was the utmost cruelty of police personnel at P.S. Mathurapur – when Hindus went there to lodge an official complaint. Not the Officer-in-Charge refused to pay attention to tortured Hindus only but behaving rudely with them and quashing their grievances refused to accept their complaints also. His rude behavior compelled Hindus to label him as a protector of Islamic culprits.

When Sri Tapan Ghosh, president – Hindu Samhati, was informed of these gruesome developments, he phoned Mr. Pravin Tripathi, S.P. and requested him to intervene. He assured Sri Ghosh of all possible helps and also asked him to send the victims to police station once more. Hindus in Mathurapur, when asked, went to the police station once again and while they were on the way, a police car came and took cognition.

Hindu villagers went to the police station after that. Even if the complaint has been registered, harassments of Hindus (by police) and rude behaviors of O.C. and his companions went on in full swing. All types of hostilities by police, at the behest of Officer-in-Charge, including stubbornness in not to render any receipt copy (of the complaint) to Hindus have been done.

When the report is being written, aggrieved Hindus are still at the police station.

Both Latika and her father are heavily injured.

Note: From now on we refuse to state (any longer) that Hindu women in Bengal are becoming soft targets to Islamists – they are prime targets.


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