Be another Benode Behari Chowdhury


With the death of Benode Behari Chowdhury, a valiant member of Chittagong uprising between 1930-34 and a disciple of Masterda Surya Sen, the connection between Bengali Hindu youths (these days) to their heroic and amazing past has come to an end.

Benode Behari Chowdhury was not a mere member of the revolutionary group operating in Chittagong area of then undivided Bengal only but denoted a period when Bengali Hindu youths, influenced by the fiery ideals of Swami Vivekananda to sacrifice themselves at the altar of motherland, did raise a storm  to free Bharat Mata from the shackles of British Imperialism also. There were tens of thousands of Bengali Hindu youths like him and each and every daring activity of them indeed limited the existence of Union Jack in India.

They did everything through privation and sacrifice to wrest freedom from colonial masters but Binod Babu, owing to this vast life, also remained witness to the murkiest development in recorded history, partition of Undivided India into India and Pakistan on a religious basis. A large section of land was ceded to a community whose participation and spontaneity in anti-British struggle remains doubtful.

The partition followed with the complete disaster of Hindus and Sikhs – Bengal and Punjab got ruined completely – these two provinces surpassed others in following revolutionary ideals. Genocides of Hindus and Sikhs took place in both West and East Pakistan. While this saga got complete by 1947 in West Pakistan, Hindu persecution is going on in Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan) still.

Binod Babu, later on, devoted himself to save Hindus from Islamists and the same struggle has got to be carried out by others.

If Bengali Hindu youths follow him such, it will be the best respect to him.

Bengali Hindus need those warriors whose inhuman struggle will make others like poet Sukanta Bhattacharya write “Ora Bir Ora Akashe Jagato Jhor...Oder Kahini Bideshir Khune......Guli Banduk Bomar Aagune Aajo Romanchakar.”

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