Is Jamaat worried of sagacity of Mumbai Police’s “inner circular”?

The ruckus created by the leak of "internal circular" of Mumbai Police affirming Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO) of    is engaged in "brainwashing and training girls for Jihad" is not unusual. The pseudo-secular media, aided by Left-leani ng intellectuals and petro-dollars, has grabbed hold of the story straight away and has left no stone unturned from censuring it severely to paint it in black colors terming it is as a violent expression of anti-Muslim mindset of Indian police.

What does the "internal circular" state in reality? It aims at the Girls Islamic Organization (GIO) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and states, "The group GIO is related to Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and it was established in Kerala. The purported aim of this organization is to make more and more Muslim women aware of their religion and the holy Quran. But the real objective of this organization is to brainwash school and college girls and train them for jihad."  

And the leakage has made Islamists and their aficionados (Lefts in particular) amok; they, while terming it as a vicious agenda, have both abused the government and its entire machinery. And the Leftist human rights organizations have moved ahead. They have started to presume that this is a part of anti-Muslim mindset of Indian state structure ever since 1947. Do they care to admit that the antipathy to Hindus ever since 1947 by the same state structure has never been less?  What adds salt to the gaping wound is the reprehensible silence of human rights organizations regarding Hindu persecution by Muslim radicals; the most recent specimen being the Hindu persecution in Naliakhali, P.S. Canning, District: 24 Paraganas (South), Bengal, where more than 200 Hindu houses were burnt down along with merciless thrashing of Hindus by Muslim radicals while police preferred to watch the entire development from a safe distance silently.

The least is said of the harrowing experiences of Hindus in Kashmir and betrayal of Indian government (cutting across political lines) to them the better it is.

In such a situation, hue and cry of Left human rights organizations and Islamists can’t be trusted.   

Mohammad Aslam Ghazi, spokesman of Jamaat in Maharashtra, has threatened to sue the police department if it fails to act contrite to them. But he does know well that the "internal circular" was not meant to act against any Islamic organization outright but to make the police department prepared for any eventuality, in particular when exploding bombs have become the favorite pastime for Islamists and use of women in terrorist activities (across the globe) to evade stringent security measures is getting common ever more.   

Last but not least, any “inner circular” is based on intelligence reports (prepared after endeavors for months if not years) and hence, it can’t be baseless.

Is Jamaat scared of opening of Pandora’s Box as a result?


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