Muslim Radicals ought to Rectify Mistakes, Learn Need of Pluralism

Summary: Here is an analysis of futility of Islamic policies (basis of worldwide radicalism) in full swing for centuries; the policies that have failed to better the Muslim lives anyhow are being hailed as highest virtues and hence, the hope of hundreds of millions of Muslims to live in a decent world with greatest confidence on Islamic virtues have fallen through.

No Muslim country across the globe has ever gained a comfortable position even as regards Human Development Index nor there hope of any such. However, Dr. Tawfik Hamid beliefs it is the high time for Muslims to rectify their perennial mistakes and learn how to live in amity with other civilizations and other religious schools of thoughts. Unless, as per him, the age-old gospel those who Live by the sword, die by the sword will come true for Muslims, already unbalanced with fratricidal killings, linguistic conflicts, let alone burgeo ning confrontations between Sunnis and other Muslim groups all over the globe.

And Dr. Tawfik Hamid is no ordinary man; he is a venerable Islamic intellectual and also erstwhile Muslim extremist from Egypt. Discerning the threat of Radical Islam almost twenty-five years ago, he appreciated need for a reformation based on pluralistic notions and peaceful interpretations of classical Islamic core texts.      

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