Muslim Radicals attempt to seize Hindu land in Mandirbazar

Sole intention to change it to road for Muslims only

Hindu landowner thrashed brutally for protesting  

When the need is to establish own suzerainty by uprooting adversaries, sectarian strife is not the only option. While on one hand it can lead to an undesired clamor, apparent reactions to it may also hinder the project largely. Silent but more effective measures like violating the legal code stealthily can yield more benefits – this happens to be the latest ploy of Muslim radicals in Bengal against pacifist Hindus who prefer to remain silent till they are injured physically.

And at the moment, none except Gopal Chandra Das (s/o late Ananta Das), Hindu individual (age 45) living in village: Ghateswar Kayalpara, P.S. Mandirbazar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) knows this better. He is just bearing brunt of such an atrocious development. Gopal owns a land of almost 1 bigha worth Rs. 10 lakh – Khatiyan 750; Dag No. 839 and 841 at Mouza: Uttar Akraberia, P.S. Mandirbazar; it has become the latest target of Islamists, leaving no stone unturned to usurp it and transform it into a road exclusively for Muslims in the locality.

It is to be noted, 15 Muslim households live alongside a few Hindu families in the same village and a vast land (belonging to Railway) does exist behind them. But Islamists preferred to seize Gopal’s land or the land of a Hindu individual only.     

With this end in view, a large number of Muslim radicals encroached Gopal’s land on April 17, 2013 at 2.45 pm and started digging it almost instantaneously. No less than 500 Muslims, irrespective of young and old or men and women, were present there at that time.

Soon, Gopal grasped the reality and ran all alone to the field to prevent Islamists. Finding him alone, 50-60 Islamists, both men and women with all forms of household weapons ranging from iron rods to knives, simply pounced down on him. One Islamist, named Rahmatullah Khan, to kill Gopal struck him with a crowbar. But the deadly weapon hit him hard in the forehead and he, as a result, started bleeding profusely. But he was not left still, Muslim radicals went on hitting him.

Hearing the desperate cry of Gopal (Banchao – Banchao) for help, his Hindu neighbor, Sahadeb Mandal (s/o late Amulya Mandal), rushed to the spot to save him. But he was also thrashed heavily.  

Both Gopal Chandra Das and Sahadeb Mandal, later, were admitted to Nairat Hospital. They, despite being highly wounded, managed to lodge official complaint to P.S. Mandirbazar.

Here is the name of culpable Islamists: Abdullah Sheikh; Rahmatullah Sheikh; Amirul Sheikh; Nazrul Sheikh; Abul Jamadar; Ramzan Jamadar and 25 others.

[When Rajkumar Sardar, activist of Hindu Samhati, went to the village, he, initially, was prevented from talking to Hindus and take their photos.]  

It has come to knowledge, police is yet to gear up to take guilty Muslim radicals into custody.    

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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