Hindus in Bangladesh fear more disasters

This may happen to be the last attempt to secure their existence in the soil of Bangladesh; Hindus, there, at least, are feeling such and to make it certain, they are running from pillar to post for security. No matter what has been their treatment from the commencement of East Pakistan, later Bangladesh, a section of Hindus there still believe enhancement in security measures can save them from Islamists and their sole objective to expunge Hindus from Bangladesh racially.  

Will this be true ever? The question is not unfounded as like many other (erstwhile) social and political upheavals Hindus at this time too have become exclusive targets of Muslim radicals. The government has failed to provide them security outright prompting Mizanur Rahman, Chairman of Bangladesh National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), to state "The government must answer why the people of religious minorities were living in insecurity in Bangladesh."     

His mindset exhibited when he stated that a group of people was endeavoring to use religion negatively to create disharmony among commoners but "the government and the state have to take the responsibility of protecting the religions of all people.” Will this sharp criticism pressurize Awami League government to act fast? A great confusion remains since reports that some parts of administration have already yielded to jehadis let loose by Jamaat-e-Islami and other Islamic parties are coming in steadily.  

Kajal Debnath, vice president of Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad, while talking to PTI, said, "The special tribunals are expected to deliver verdicts against Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leaders for 1971 crimes against humanity in next several months when fresh violence could spark exposing us to more insecurity." He also stressed on the need of greater resistances (in every capacity) to end their (imminent) utter destruction. 

"Whatever has happened has happened, we now demand steps for our protection in future ... Police or the other law enforcement agencies would be of little use unless intensified social and political campaign against the bigots," he said.

Hindu leaders fear that the spate of Islamic violence that had ravaged them of late might be lesser to the forthcoming ones, if those do remain unchecked. Hence, security is the main concern now. 


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