Has Shahbag movement created Doomsday for Hindus in Bangladesh?

Hindu persecution in the realm of Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan) has never been less and with the onset of Shahbag movement demanding exemplary punishments of war criminals or accomplices of murderous Army of Pakistan in the 1971 war the same saga has become all time high.

Even if the number of slain Hindus has been low, destruction of them (in every capacity) across Bangladesh by Jamaat-e-Islami and other Islamic organizations, if taken into account, may put beasts to shame. Moreover, albeit the mainstream media worldwide has been able to portray a few horrendous developments from February 28, 2013 till date, the larger spectrum of destruction remains hidden yet.

What pains more is that the social media or social networking sites have also failed to depict the same meticulously.   

In accordance with fresh reports, 46 districts among 64 in Bangladesh have become a complete hell for minority Hindus. While 5 Hindus have lost their lives owing to persistent onslaughts, 53 have been critically injured. 128 Hindu temples have been burnt down while 255 houses of Hindus, following plunders, have been burnt down and turned into mere ashes. 21 shops of Hindus, after loots, have been destroyed and burnt down.

500 minority Hindu houses, as per latest reports that are coming in, have been worst affected. Radical Muslims, especially activists of Jamaat-e-Islami and their accomplices, are solely responsible for carrying out the abovementioned activities.

Owing to lack of Hindu defensive measures, the persecution is increasing with each day it passes.

The question remains whether Shahbag movement has turned into a doomsday for Hindus inhabiting Bangladesh.

To Know More of Ongoing Atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh

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Unknown said…
– I have close family members living in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh at the present moment. You have the best intentions in mind and want to see truth prevails. Your assertion is some what lop sided. Yes Biharis were killed after 1971 and it was a reaction to mass killings of couple of million Bengalis. My family came and settled in Bangladesh before 1947 from India and my parents still do live in Bangladesh. I speak English, Urdu and Bengali at a native speaker level. Pakistani army committed genocide against the Bengali populace, it is a fact. Your comparison is like Jews killed few German as a reaction to the Holocaust that was committed against them during World War II, so you are willing to hold the innocent Germans killed and 6 million Jews who disappeared in the Holocaust at equal par.Yes killing of Biharis were wrong but Bengalis suffered almost 25 years of economic and social discrimination at the hands of feudal Punjabi.
Let me be clear, I am a shia minority in Bangladesh, though living in US for the past 18 years and we have never been treated badly in Bangladesh, majority actually respect us. The neutral perspective [URL='http://femo.pk'] Online Fashion Store [/URL] I bring to this blog can hardly be matched by anybody here, unless they can tell me that have very similar background like mine. Pakistan is reaping what it sowed quarter century ago, that is the seed of hatred and extremism. Please do some introspection

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