Do Shariah Courts serve Muslim women or portray male chauvinism?

Even if the demand of Shariah Court is increasing in Bengal, another reality is also coming to the fore – Muslim women even after moving to Shariah Councils for annulment of marriage, owing to excessive domestic violence or inhuman tortures by their husbands, remain helpless.

Many instances prove that albeit they become able to have divorce, the triumph turns out to be a Pyrrhic victory altogether – women are forced to part with their own children as the Shariah Councils never allow any divorcee to live with her children thereafter.

This is not any local or regional phenomenon but Muslim women whether in Dhaka or Kolkata or even London do face the same grim reality.

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atoz said…
But the problem is also of hindu husbands and males .They have almost no legal rights under modern laws .If any body says that Hindu Fathers Husbands and sons have any legal rights Please cite the relevent laws .There are domestic violence law 2005 Section 498a IPC and 125 CrPc all law are available to women only .And male can not weep even like your picture otherwise he would be weak

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