Bengal on verge of Collapse due to Muslim Appeasement: Tapan Ghosh

Summary: A spate of anti-Hindu assaults, under the auspices of Muslim radicals and aided by other anti-Hindu forces including communists, is being witnessed in Bengal more and more these days. It will not be wrong to deduce that this phenomenon has become the order of the day and how does it go on unchecked almost daily can be ascertained from the inimical postures of both police and administration to Hindus.

Be it Naliakhali in Canning or Taranagar, Rupnagar in Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) or Chaopur village in Murshidabad, everywhere Hindus have become the prime target of Islamists and the indifference of administration to protect Hindus fortify the brains behind these ghastly incidents altogether.

It is the time for Hindus to stop to remain as naives and deal with the fast worsening situation in the realm of Bengal firmly. Or else the day when Hindus and their posterity will be exterminated from this stretch of land racially far is not far.

Tapan Ghosh, president – Hindu Samhati, through this interview has brought forth a brilliant analysis of the fast changing destiny of Bengal where Hindus are being persecuted day in and day out.   

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