Now – Honorariums for Muslim Widows, Divorcee Women in Bengal

Muslim appeasement reaches nadir in state politics

Even if the pro-Muslim policies of Bengal government is drawing widespread criticisms from all quarters and triggering off religious animosity in the state, Mamata Banerjee remains unchecked and the latest exposition of her hell-bent Muslim appeasement happens to be the adoption of a special scheme to facilitate disadvantageous widow and divorcee Muslim women. And if the words of Justice Md Abdul Ghani, Chairman of the Waqf Board, is counted on honorarium to the underprivileged widow and divorcee Muslims would be rendered through the state Waqf Board.   

Where will the money come from? This happens to be the most vital question when Bengal is cash-strapped and is getting unable more and more to satisfy legitimate demands of governmental staff even.

Well, if the issue is regarding Muslims, Mamata government has no qualms – the honorarium will be given from the special funds of the Chief Minister but will be delivered through State Waqf Board only. The Board will become the nodal agency for the distribution of those honorariums and those Muslim women, who are widow or divorcee and whose annual income is not over Rs 18000 will be eligible to submit their applications for the remuneration.

What do these hapless Muslim women have to do? While Muslim widows will have to provide supporting documents from the local authority, Muslim divorcee women will have to submit a copy of the Talaknama only.

It must be remembered that that an honorarium of Rs. 2500 to the imams of mosques and Rs. 1000 for the Muazzin (both on a monthly basis) had been declared a few months back leading to a political storm as well.

Without doubt, all these are to garner favors of Muslims in the impending Panchayat election.

But there is a humble question – what makes Bengal CM sure that all Hindu votes, deprived in each capacity, will go to her box. The better for her will be to see writing on the wall – rising aversion to Hindus may lead to the worst civil unrest in recorded history.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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