Communal Violence Bill – Greatest Evil to Hindus

Stop it Now

Even if Muslim appeasement plays an imperative role in the Indian political scenario, pundits consider that the passage of Communal Violence Bill, aiming to check targeted violence against the minorities, will do the greatest harm to Hindus. It will diminish the preponderance of majority community or Hindu to the greatest extent. Any such success will not make the administration (more) pro-Muslim and biased only but Hindus (all at once), even if they wage struggle for self-defence only, will be turned into the sole victim also.

What can happen to Hindus inhabiting the Indian state of Bengal then? It is a crude reality that unlike other areas, in Bengal, Muslim radicals never miss a chance to persecute Hindus and if the Bill is passed in both houses of the Parliament, Hindu persecution will be legalized. The Hindu society will come to an end as incidents of Hindu persecution like Deganga, Tehtta, Naliakhali will get legitimate (ultimately) stimulating Islamists to exterminate Hindus in Bengal racially.

If Hindus desire to remain safe, Communal Violence Bill must be stopped by hook or by crook.    

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