Media Portrays Harrowing Experiences of Hindus in Bangladesh

Islamic governance remains unimpressed

The fate of Hindus in Bangladesh is clear-cut and with each day it passes the threat of racial extermination of them is rising there. And this is certainly not any new development – ever since the partition of Indian subcontinent on religious basis in 1947, Hindus in Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan) have been living under a constant threat. The genocide of innocent Hindus in Noakhali, 1946 was the beginning in recorded history and in the following decades it has risen only to the greatest extent. The fallout of which has been the steady reduction of Hindus on the other side of the border – the Hindu community having 28% of the entire population during 1947-48 has come down to a staggering number of 9% (at the moment) merely.

The ghastly incidents following Shahbag happens to be the latest revelation – the movement that tried immensely to rectify Bangladesh’s history through demanding stringent punishment of Islamic accomplices to the murderous Army of Pakistan during the protracted freedom struggle for Bangladesh is 1971 has turned into a catastrophe for Hindus there altogether.

The Shahbag struggle that was deemed as an internal conflict between Muslims in Bangladesh and in return Muslim radicals there found its hapless victims soon and it was none save the Hindu community.

Islamists there termed the entire struggle as the brainchild of Hindus and also of India and to avenge the same, they have been busy in inflicting the worst religious persecution of Hindus. Not the Hindus in Bangladesh, at this time, have been ravaged only but the administration there other than rendering lip services remains silent also.

Whether it is Jessore or Pabna or Mymensingh or Chittagong, everywhere Hindus were thrashed brutally, their womenfolk were outraged once more, let alone seizure or brutal destruction of Hindu properties.

Reports of all these horrendous developments were published in local newspapers in a large number but to no avail. While the same reports or anxieties over the fate of Hindus reached the corridors of power in faraway United States or United Kingdom or Germany or Canada even making political stratum there anxious of the entire development, it failed to move the Bangladeshi administration.  

You can have a sense of it through the clippings attached.

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Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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