Sharia Law-ruled Governance only Hope

Pakistani youths affirm

When youths throughout the globe are favoring the role of democracy, its essentiality and also preponderance for nations, Pakistani youths opt for predominance of Sharia law or of military than democratic governance in Pakistan. This startling revelation has come to the fore by a survey conducted by the British Council of late. The question remains of the stark contrast among Bangladeshi and Pakistani youths in contemporary politics. While youths in Bangladeshi through Shahbag struggle are in search of an ideal future, a nation holding notions of democracy and secularism in highest esteem, Pakistani youths count on the need of dominance of Sharia. And both are Islamic nations.

Such an event makes people confusing.

What makes people fail fathom is the difference between Bangladesh and Pakistan – hard-line Islamic culture is yet to consider Bangladesh as an Islamic nation but more under a consistent Hindu influence whereas Pakistan is the vanguard of global Army of Islam. Islam has an anathema to democracy while it forms the core of Hinduism.    

Here are a few extracts from the Survey of British Council.

“Young people are losing confidence in the democratic system,” the report says. “Leaders of all political persuasions have a duty to convince the youth that they remain committed to undiluted democracy for Pakistan.”

It adds: “The youth of Pakistan have a pessimistic outlook today, but it is important to remember their fervour for the country is unbridled and passionate. A substantial majority of the youth still believe that they will have a role in changing the country for the better, and policy makers need to address their needs to accrue the benefits of their patriotism.”

The report states, 94 per cent of youths interviewed deem the country is heading towards a wrong direction and this figure has increased from with 86 per cent in 2009 and just 50 per cent in 2007. Only 29 per cent among Pakistani youths trust democracy as the best political system for the country yet.

In opposition to this, 32 per cent support governance by the military whereas 38 per cent depend on a country ruled as per Islamic law.


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